Purim Mixed Case

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About This Beer

We make holiday shopping easy with our pre-picked Purim Mixed Case! Choose from the Extra Strong Mix, The Extra Pure Mix, the Gluten-Free Mix, or the Non-Alcoholic Soda Mix. Each Purim box includes a holiday topsheet and 12 delicious beers! (Chris, fix the pull-down!)

Extra Strong Mix:
All the beers in this box have ABVs of 6.0% or over.
Get Quacken Triple IPA (440ml x 2)(12%ABV)
TreeBird APA (440ml x1)(6.2%ABV)
Pocket Universe Hazy IPA (440ml x 1)(6.9%ABV)
Mosey Down Hazy Mosaic IPA (440)x 1 (440ml x1)(6.9%ABV)
Rocket Surgery Hazy IPA (330ml x 2)(7.1%ABV)
Muir West Coast IPA (330ml x1)(6.0%ABV)
Navel Gazer Imperial Stout (330ml x 1)(10%ABV)
Vanessa (330ml x 1)(9.5%ABV)
Untrapped Potential (330ml x 1)(8.5%ABV)
For Science Dark Porter(330ml x 1)(6.4%ABV)

Extra Pure Mix:
All the beers in this box have simple ingredients of only water, assorted grains, hops, and yeast. Nothing else.
Hoot Dunnit Reduced Carb Lager (440ml x 1)
Pocket Universe Hazy IPA (440ml x 1)
Get Quacken Triple IPA (440ml x 1)
Ordinary Bitter Pale Ale (440ml x 1)
TreeBird APA (440ml x1)
Saddle Up Red IPA (440ml x1)
Acadia East Coast IPA (330ml x1)
Cerveza (330ml x 1)

Big Pigeon Pilsner (330ml x 1)
Maidstone Lager (330ml x 1)
Keller Lager (330ml x 1)
Roundest Boi Hazy IPA (330ml x 1)

Gluten-Free Mix:
Auro x 3
Apex x 3
Hazee x 3
Flyboy x 3

Non-Alcoholic Soda Mix:
Ginger Beer Soda x 6
Birch Beer Soda x 6

Purim Mixed Case

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Brewers Notes

A few of the more unusual beers in these Mix boxes may shortly go out of stock, but no worries. They'll be replaced with something similar.