Birch Beer Soda


New England Style Birch Beer is a classic soda that is very similar to American Root Beer. We named the soda because the twigs from the American Black Birch (betula lenta) contain methyl salicylate.  We use American Wintergreen (gaultheria procumbens) to make our Birch Beer. The strong taste of wintergreen combined with star anise, and a variety of traditional sugars gives this unique soda a refreshing zing.

Chris recalls making a version of this soft drink at home with his family. “I wanted to recreate a taste from my childhood and share it with everyone. Our version is very similar to the drink we made when I was young.”

Expats from Canada and the US will know and love this drink the moment they open an ice-cold and frosty can of our Birch Beer Soda. Order yours today!

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0% ABV

Food matching

Cheese: cheese log

Mains: pizza, sticky ribs, barbeque

Dessert: root beer float, hot buttered popcorn

Brewer's Notes

An American classic, this soda is inspired by the sharp and fragrant root-beers from New England. The Black Birch tree in America has a strong wintergreen aroma and flavour in its twigs; this is methyl salicylate which is the active compound in wintergreen and aspirin. You'd need to drink about 120 bottles of Birch Beer to get the equivalent of 1 aspirin tablet.