Navel Gazer Imperial Stout


Navel Gazer Imperial Stout is a lush, English-Style Imperial Stout. It’s packed with rich layers of dark malt complexity and infused with orange zest, Equadorian cacao nibs, and cinnamon.

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10% ABV
60 IBU

Food matching

Cheese: sharp blue, brie

Mains: red meats with strong sauces, chili, hearty stews

Dessert: chocolate, ice cream float, pavlova, cheesecake

Brewer's Notes

An 'imperial' is a type of beer that uses twice the malt in the same volume of water as a typical beer. The extra malt means extra sugar for the yeast to eat and thus extra alcohol and flavour. This imperial stout was first brewed for GABS 2016 as our festival beer.