Award Winning Beer

Yellowhead IPA


Yellowhead IPA is a ‘Session IPA’ that combines tropical, fruity NZ hops and a light, drinkable malt body. An exuberant fruitiness presents a sharp aromatic nose of NZ hops and pineapple character that is carefully balanced by a light, biscuity maltiness.

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4.5% ABV
45 IBU

Food matching

Cheese: gouda, aged cheddar

Mains: tacos, mexican food, fish

Dessert: tropical fruits: mango

Brewer's Notes

Developed for the 2016 West Coast IPA Challenge, this sensible and sessionable IPA has been a winner with Kereru fans! It has oats added to it for additional body and to make it feel bigger than the modest 4.5%ABV. A favourite with our brew team!

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