Forest & Bird Friends

We have been sponsoring The Royal Forest and Bird Society with sales of Big Pigeon Pilsner and our Beer Advent Calendars. The money raised goes towards protecting the environment and with each sale of a sponsored product we are able to a bit more work to help our feathered friends. To date, your generous support through buying our beers has … Read More

Contract Production Availability

Chris prepares to filter beer.

Looking to produce a beer, soda, or cocktail, but don’t have the facility to do so? Then look no further! Kererū Brewing have available capacity to produce from 1,800L to 3,600L batches of beer, formulated carbonated alcoholic beverages (cocktails and RTDs), and formulated carbonated beverages (soft drinks and flavoured sparkling beverages). We package to cans (440ml, 330ml and 250ml standard … Read More

Gluten-Free Sticker Shock

In January 2022 I was greeted by an unpleasant surprise from our primary Gluten-Free ingredient supplier, a 50% increase in the price. I’ve done my very best to shelter our customers from rising costs, but this year costs increased by at least 10%. Now suddenly, our sorghum supplier has just increased their price to us by 50%. While most of … Read More

BTC for Beer

Would you like to buy some Kereru beers with crypto currency? I have long found Blockchain technology fascinating and expect it to become more ubiquitous over time as a way to securely store and process information. I am pretty certain we are a long way from where this will end up as more mainstream and integrated with our digital lives, … Read More

The Final Night Spirit Launch

We recently celebrated the last and final edition of our Night Spirit NZ Whisky Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout and this was hosted at Salty Pidgin on 5 Todman Street in Wellington on 24 November 2020. Salty Pidgin is owned and operated by JP Henderson and Amy Gillies who have been pouring our beers on and off since they opened 6 years … Read More