Export Beer Sales

We are shipping with FedEx for reliable, traceable, and on-time delivery.

This does cost a bit more than previous methods, but we are assured that this should see delivery times of under 2 weeks* for FedEx International Economy service to Australia,  and delivery times of approximately 7 days to all other destinations with FedEx International Priority.


Now offering delivery to:

Australia with a flat rate from $65 to $110 per box.

United States with a flat rate from $130 to $255 per box. (on hold while I sort a few things out)

United Kingdom with a flat rate from $125 to $250 per box.

A 3-bottle Pick Your Mix is at the lower end of freight charges per box, and an Advent Calendar is at the higher end of freight charges per box.

We will offer other territories as requested, and if shipping alcohol to that country is possible.


*COVID-19 related delays may occur depending on local conditions and restrictions on movement.

Shipping rates are subject to change. All pricing is in New Zealand dollars. Unless otherwise specified, we pay all duties and taxes on your behalf. Our goal is to make it easy and efficient to order from us.

      • Box of Birds, 24 Pack of 330ml cans

      • Pick Your Barrel-Aged 6-Mix

      • Pick Your Barrel-Aged 3-Mix

      • Box of Birds, 12 Pack of 330ml & 440ml cans