Malty Beers

Maidstone Lager


A Vienna lager has a complex balance of well-rounded maltiness & gentle hop bitterness with a crisp dry finish with hints of sweetness. Maidstone Lager is our light & refreshing interpretation of this European style.

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5% ABV
17 IBU

Food matching

Cheese: soft, fresh: brie, parmesan

Mains: pizza, spaghetti &red sauce, chili, Mexican, chicken & veggie dishes, curries

Dessert: creamy desserts

Brewer's Notes

A Vienna lager is a toasty and refreshing malty beer with a clean finish. We brewed this interpretation using a generous quantity of Gladfield Vienna and Aurora malts for the toasty malt character and NZ Wakatu (Saaz-related) noble hops for bittering.