Malty Beers

Vanessa Whisky & Oak Belgian-Style Ale


Vanessa Whisky & Oak Belgian Ale is dark amber ale fermented with an Belgian abbey ale yeast for great depth of yeast character. We added a flavouring made from soaking hand-selected oak chips in a blend of whisky and spirits. This is a special beer to enjoy at any occasion.

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Fruit and Spice
Dark Amber
9.5% ABV
20 IBU

Food matching

Cheese: Kapiti Ramara or other washed rind cheeses.

Mains: Beef Wellington.

Dessert: Chocolate cake.

Brewer's Notes

This is a new, truffle-infused beer made in the spirit of a dark, Belgian Trappist-style Quadruple beer. Black Perigord truffles, dark candi sugar and chocolate malt provide a lush, rich and malty base.