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Apex Hoppy Gluten-Free APA


We are taking pre-sales only at this time – this is in production for release and shipment in early March 2020. The beer is on cooling right now and will be filtered shortly and the packaging date is set for 9 March 2020. Thank you for your patience – we think this is going to be a very tasty GF APA.

A delightful, aromatic gluten-free American Pale Ale. Made with sorghum, millet, rice, and a mix of US and NZ hops. Apex Hoppy Gluten-Free APA is clean, amber in colour and layered with malty, biscuit flavours and medium body. Limited quantities available.

The first 50 cases of 24 x 330ml cans have been claimed. Further presales will be offered at $114/case (5% off). After that the price goes to the usual retail price of $120/case.

5.8% ABV
60 IBU

Food matching

Cheese: cheddar

Mains: BBQ, Thai or Indian curry dishes, meat pies

Dessert: dark chocolate, brownies, stone fruits, peach cobbler

Brewer's Notes

The sorghum and rice malt in Auro is nicely layered with malted millet and American hops. Our goal was to make a GF APA with character to set it apart from Auro and that is both carefully and specially brewed for coeliacs.

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