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Tommancho Ancho Chili & Smoked Nectarine Golden Ale


Tommancho, Ancho Chili & Smoked Nectarine Golden Ale is a refreshing, unfiltered beer. Made with layers of flavour from low and slow smoked nectarines and fruity, Ancho Poblano chili peppers. Special thanks to our friends at Tommo’s Low and Slow BBQ for their tasty work on the nectarines.

Tommancho sediment.
Pictured above: a nice pour of Tommancho, and the sediment from a well-settled can.
Like an overfed Kererū, Tommancho is crammed full of fruit and CO2, and if this has a rough ride to your door and is then immediately opened, it will be a bit messy. Leave it to settle for a week or more in your fridge and it will behave itself.

5.9% ABV
20 IBU

Food matching

Cheese: Havarti, Pecorino Romano.

Mains: Lamb kebabs, glazed pork ribs, fish tacos.

Dessert: Chocolate cake.

Brewer's Notes

Low and slow nectarines and fruity ancho poblano chili peppers are the secret to this tasty beer.

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