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About This Beer

Subscribe today to our Beer of the Month Club to receive the newest, freshest beers from Kererū. We plan to release up to 2 new delicious, gluten-full beers in 440ml* cans every month, and a new gluten-free beer every so often in 330ml cans. This is the most affordable way to purchase our beers. The catch is that we choose what you get and every month has a different mix.

The new monthly beers will feature an IPA or pale ale, and many of these will be hazy. There is one or two sours each year. The other new beer will focus on a seasonal style suitable to the time of year when the beer is released. Sign up now to ensure that you are among the first in New Zealand to enjoy our latest creations.

First, choose your Subscription Type:

  1. New: (12 x 440ml* cans of newly released beers.)
  2. Mix: (6 x 440ml* cans of newly released beers and a mix of 6 x 330ml cans that we choose for you.)
  3. Gluten-Free Mix: a mix of 330ml cans of gluten-free beers (priced slightly lower than New or Mix).
  4. Custom: contact us for details.
    *Extra strong, or particularly expensive beers may be offered in 330ml cans.

Second, choose your Subscription Length:

  1. Monthly: Billed monthly.
  2. Quarterly: Billed every 3 months.
  3. Semi-Annual: Billed every 6 months, plus an additional 10% off store-wide during your membership.

Your subscription will renew on the 19th of the month, and will ship before the end of the month. If you order a subscription prior to the 5th, you will receive the current release as your first shipment providing stock is available. Ordering on or after the 5th, your first shipment will be next month’s release and your first billing will be on the 19th.

December Beer of the Month Club shipments will happen a week or so early to allow delivery before Christmas.

Sitewide coupon codes do not apply to subscriptions.


Brewers Notes

On 19 June 2024 the Beer of the Month Club release is our new Unfrogettable Saison Beer and a return of our Moonless Oatmeal Stout.