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Relephant Hazy Cryohop IPA


Relephant is a hazy India Pale Ale that has been triple dry-hopped with cryo-hops (flash-frozen hops that are shattered and sifted, separating the lupulin) for a delicious flavour or citrus, melon and tropical fruit.

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Hoppy and Bitter
Hazy Blonde
5.6% ABV
30 IBU

Food matching

Cheese: Sharp cheddar, aged Gouda.

Mains: Pesto pizza, grilled vegetables, chicken stir-fry.

Dessert: Fresh summer fruits topped with a sprig of mint.

Brewer's Notes

This is our first beer made with cryogenically prepared hops. Flash frozen and shattered, the aromatic lupulins are separated and pelletised for an extra intense hop product to add to beer.