Special Release

Possible Panther Lemongrass & Chili IPA


Possible Panther Lemongrass & Chili IPA (8.0%ABV) is a bold and aromatic spiced IPA with lush notes of galangal, lemongrass, Vietnamese chili, and coriander seed. Gently warming from the chili, sublime and mysterious. It’s rare and delicious!

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Hoppy and Bitter
8% ABV
55 IBU

Food matching

Cheese: Soft, washed-rind cheeses, Swiss cheese.

Mains: Pad Thai, Green curry dishes, stir fry featuring a bit of chili warmth.

Dessert: Lemon pudding, lemon cheesecake.

Brewer's Notes

A beer that is loaded with heaps of spices - you'd think there'd be a conflict of flavour and balance, but this gem is perfectly balanced and is amazing.

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