Apricot Saison


Apricot Saison is thick and hazee with a golden blush hue. Gentle apricot and subdued hop aroma give way to clove and dry spice Saison yeast character. Layers of malted barley, wheat, rye, spelt and rolled oats create a lush mouthfeel leading to a lingering, dry, fruity finish.

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6.2% ABV
15 IBU

Food matching

Cheese: Brie, camembert, washed-rind soft cheeses.

Mains: Curry, pulled pork, roast or poached chicken with ras el hanout spices.

Dessert: Darrk chocolate, brownies, apple pie, pecan pie.

Brewer's Notes

Emma couldn't decide which yeast to use for this beer - a French Saison, or Belgian Saison yeast. Each has its benefits - smooth and silky mouthfeel with spicy and peppery notes, or tart and dry in finish with fruity notes. The answer was obvious: use them both together! The result is a sumptuous beer that will showcase many dishes and presents well on its own.

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