Manuka Sahti


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Our sixth Beer of the Month is a perfect beer to keep away the tail end of Winter with Manuka Sahti – a Finnish-style farm ale. Traditionally made with juniper boughs, ours is made using manuka leaf added at the boil, and the flavours are subtle, refreshing and satisfying. Floral notes of orange blossom from the manuka, juicy mouth feel from the use of rye malt, and a clean finish makes this a great beer to serve with rich and savoury dishes.

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6.1% ABV
35 IBU

Food matching

Cheese: Gouda, emmentall, double Gloucester.

Mains: Pork fried rice, ribs, roast chicken dinner, wood-charred and grilled vegetables.

Dessert: Trifle, old world chocolate spice cake, lemon pudding.

Brewer's Notes

Crystal rye malt and manuka leaf make this beer come to life. Refreshing and dry - the perfect beer to accompany a lovely dinner of sticky BBQ ribs. Yum!

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