Hop To It Pacific Pale Ale


Hop To It Pacific Pale Ale features hops from around the Pacific Rim: Rakau from New Zealand, Tahoma from the USA, and Sorachi Ace from Japan.

The label features one of New Zealand’s only indigenous mammals: the short-tailed bat or Pekapeka (Mystacina tuberculata), which are known for hopping around the forest floor.

Hop To It is sold out, but you can still get this lovely short-tailed bat  art on print-on-demand T-shirts.

Want more variety?
Pick your own mix of 612 or 24 cans.

Hoppy and Bitter
5.6% ABV
45 IBU

Food matching

Cheese: Well aged cheddar.

Mains: Burgers of all descriptions.

Dessert: Anzac biscuits, Afghan biscuits.

Brewer's Notes

Three unique hops give this beer a soft citrus hop finish.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.