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Colm Barleywine


Colm Barleywine is a glorious, unfiltered ale showcasing US & NZ hops over layers of juicy malt. A strong hoppy ale, luminous deep amber, with a woody resinous bitterness and notes of bitter orange, with aromas of citrus, cedar, and resins, supported by a juicy malt base.

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Dark Amber
8.3% ABV
55 IBU

Food matching

Cheese: Aged port wine cheddar, Raclette.

Mains: Speck, Prosciutto, or other cured meats, quiche.

Dessert: Baked lemon pudding.

Brewer's Notes

To filter a beer, or not? Colm is an unfiltered beer so some sediment is likely to gather at the bottom of the can. Decant carefully into your glass to reveal the beer at it clearest, or give it a swirl and enjoy the slight yeasty bite that ensues.

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