Auro for Advent


Auro lovers, here is your very own gluten-free advent calendar.

The Kereru team sat around our thinking table and decided, “it’s not fair that our gluten-free beer fans don’t have something special, too.” So while the beers in the box are no surprise (you’ll receive 24 bottles of Auro), we’re extending the same pricing and specials to you. Thanks for making Auro our top-selling beer!

Happy holidays, beer lovers!

Kereru Advent Calendars will ship from 4 November 2019.
Orders placed after 18 November might not arrive in time for 1 December.

(Looking for our traditional Advent Calendar? It’s right here!)



Brewer's Notes

Remember the joy of receiving an Advent Calendar when you were young? Opening the little doors, looking at the pictures, and finding toys or chocolate or a special treat? Now you can delight in that same experience, but with your favourite gluten-free beer!