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Velvet Boot Strong Belgian Ale


Velvet Boot Strong Belgian Ale is an amber Belgian-style Dubbel. It features exuberant aroma of rum-soaked banana that gives way to brown sugar, caramel, and spice. Brewed with Belgian darrk candi syrup for an authentic taste. We used aromatic Belgian yeast that adds complexity and dryness to this bold beer.

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Malty and Sweet
Light Amber
8.5% ABV
16 IBU

Food matching

Cheese: soft rind: Kapiti Remara, goat cheese: Chevre, Gruyere, brie

Mains: chicken, game meats, pork spare ribs, middle eastern dishes

Dessert: chocolate, creamy desserts

Brewer's Notes

Velvet Boot is what it is because of the yeast - we've used a yeast strain with roots back to the Westamalle Abbey in Belgium which has some remarkable esters when fermented at higher temperatures. We also use a special invert sugar made in Belgium to give the beer additional character. Like all of our barley beers this features only NZ gown malt from Gladfield.

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