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Moonless Stout


Moonless Stout is a refreshing, dry stout that pours pitch black with an aroma of dark roast coffee beans and bitter chocolate. This ale presents with mild bitterness and hop aroma, and is perfect with sharp cheeses, shellfish, or hearty dishes.

The bug on the label is Wellington’s Forest Wētā (or giant cricket). They like the dark. So do we.

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Dark and Roasty
4.5% ABV
21 IBU

Food matching

Cheese: sharp blue, brie

Mains: venison, chili, hearty stews

Dessert: dark chocolate, cheesecake

Brewer's Notes

Moonless Stout gets its deep and roasty character from Gladfield's Roasted Barley specialty malt, and a refreshing bite from NZ Green Bullet hops tempered with NZ Goldings hops.

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