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Imperial Nibs Coconut Porter


Imperial Nibs is a lovely dark porter, rich with roast-malt character and intense chewy flavours of bitter chocolate, freshly toasted coconut, burnt toffee, and mellow maltiness. Serve cool but not chilled in a glass for the ideal taste experience.

The bird on the label is New Zealand’s Hoiho (or Yellow-Eyed Penguin).

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Dark and Roasty
Dark Brown
8.5% ABV
35 IBU

Food matching

Cheese: sharp blue, sweet blue

Mains: red meats: roast beef, steak, burgers, chili

Dessert: chocolate, cheesecake, pavlova, vanilla or chocolate ice cream

Brewer's Notes

Made with a generous infusion of Wellington Chocolate Factory Dominican cacao nibs, toasted coconut and vanilla.