Dark Beers

Imperial Moonless Stout


Imperial Moonless Stout is dark, intense, and luscious. This English-style Imperial Stout is seductivly aromatic with chocolate, coffee, and dark berries, with bitter roasted notes balanced by a rich malt sweetness and a thick velvety mouthfeel.

Dark and Roasty
10.0% ABV
60 IBU

Food matching

Cheese: sharp blue, brie

Mains: venison, chili, hearty stews

Dessert: dark chocolate, cheesecake

Brewer's Notes

We doubled the grains for our Moonless Stout to make this beer. Rich, thick, black and almost syrupy with a tan head this beer is very indulgant and can be used to make several of our other beers. our English ale yeast struggles to ferment this out to a heady 10.0%ABV.