Gilding The Lily Truffled NZ Whisky Barrel-Aged Scotch Ale


Gilding the Lily Truffled NZ Whisky Barrel-Aged Scotch Ale was aged for 18 months in ex NZ Whisky Co casks that previously held Double-Wood/Oamaruvian single malt releases for more than 8 years. The casks (French and American Oak) originally held red wines from Mills Reef in NZ. We took things a step further with the addition of some amazing NZ Black Truffle, which lifts the beer to a new level of flavour and texture that is sublime.

This dark amber beer has a subdued whisky and hop aroma with hints of oak, truffle, sweet chocolate and almond macaroon on the nose, with flavours of figs, cherries, and dry sherry followed by a soft alcohol warmth, and mild bitterness with lingering hints of vanilla and chocolate from the oak and malts.

There were a very limited number of NZ Whisky Co. barrels, and this edition is a one-off production and can’t be duplicated or repeated. Each bottle is hand numbered. Count yourself extremely fortunate if you are lucky enough to get your hands on some of these bottles. It is a unique experience which can’t be repeated and the beer will age gracefully for many years. We expect the sweet spot to be around 3-10 years. Do not serve cold! Treat it like you would a port or red wine and serve it in an elegant glass. Share with friends for any reason to celebrate.

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11.1% ABV
50 IBU

Food matching

Cheese: blue, aged gouda, sharp aged cheddar

Mains: risotto, mu-shu pork, beef Wellington, venison, lamb

Dessert: fresh figs, fruit cake, steamed pudding, chocolate brownie

Brewer's Notes

When our truffle supplier appeared we immediately thought of adding this indulgent seasoning to this beer. Jesse reduced the lovely specimens to fine threads and we lowered the freshly boiled muslin bags containing their precious cargo into the beer to infuse for several weeks. We shared a big, "F#*k yeah!" high-five after when we got the tank all sealed up. We were so excited to work with truffle and I think it shows int he finished beer. Enjoy!