Gilding The Lily Truffled NZ Whisky Barrel-Aged Scotch Ale


Gilding the Lily Truffled NZ Whisky Barrel-Aged Scotch Ale was aged for 18 months in NZ Whisky Co casks. We then added some amazing New Zealand Black Truffles, which lifted the beer to a new level of flavour and texture that is sublime. Pure indulgence in a glass!

This dark amber beer has a subdued whisky and hop aroma with hints of oak, truffle, sweet chocolate and almond macaroon on the nose, with flavours of figs, cherries, and dry sherry followed by a soft alcohol warmth, and mild bitterness with lingering hints of vanilla and chocolate from the oak and malts.

Gilding the Lily will cellar gracefully for many years, but is fabulous right now. Do not serve cold! Treat it like you would a port or red wine and serve it in an elegant glass. Only 3708 bottles were produced and each one is hand-numbered.

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Dark Amber
11.1% ABV
50 IBU

Food matching

Cheese: blue, aged gouda, sharp aged cheddar

Mains: risotto, mu-shu pork, beef Wellington, venison, lamb

Dessert: fresh figs, fruit cake, steamed pudding, chocolate brownie

Brewer's Notes

Kereru obtained 140 unique oak barrels from the NZ Whisky Collection, a company founded around the stock of the former Wilson's Distillery in NZ. The stock was lost for many years and was then found and the whisky had aged to perfection. Some of the casks were 60 year-old American oak ex-bourbon barrels which contributed vanilla, oak and hints of maple to the whisky. Some of casks were French and American oak ex-red wine barrels from Mills Reef which contributed red wine and port notes to the whisky. The casks arrived in small lots as they were decanted of whisky, and were wet and sloshing with a bit of magical spirits still inside. Each cask can impart its whisky character into a beer only once. After that the cask can be used again, but will only offer oak barrel character. This makes all our whisky barrel-aged beers unique and never to be repeated. Each bottle is hand numbered.