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Feijoa Weisse Ale


Feijoa Weisse Ale is a winner! This 2018 AIBA Gold-Medal winner is kettle-soured with pilsner malt to produce a clean and tart finish from naturally produced lactic acid. Heaps of feijoa puree are added to create layers of fruit to balance this moderate-strength ale. Perfect for summer and great to cook with, too. We drink it as a substitute for NZ Sav Blanc!

Sour, Tart and Funky
Hazy Blonde
3.8% ABV

Food matching

Cheese: goat cheese, Chevre, marscapone

Mains: fish: sushi, fish & chips

Dessert: fresh fruit, pies, crumbles

Brewer's Notes

Kettle-souring is a technique where we isolate the lactobaccilus to our kettle where they can safely sour the beer - reducing the pH and adding heaps of delightful flavour and character to the beer. Boiling kills off the bacteria and we chill and ferment it as usual.