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Roundest Boi Hazy Peach IPA


Our first Beer of the Month is a tip of the hat to our favourite bird having won the Bird of the Year in 2018. April: Roundest Boi Hazy Peach IPA is lush and rich in the mouth with tropical fruit character from our choice of Nelson Sauvin and Kohatu hops during dry-hopping along with buckets of fresh peach puree, and Wai-iti hops added late in the boil. This thick and hazy beer is bursting with flavour and will go well with many dishes for early autumn. Perfect for the BBQ or a dinner party.

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Hoppy and Bitter
Hazy Amber
6.0% ABV
35 IBU

Food matching

Cheese: Parmesan, aged cheddar or Gouda.

Mains: BBQ mushrooms with basil pesto, boerewors served with fruity chutney on a bun or wrapped in a cos lettuce leaf, crab tostadas served with fresh salsa.

Dessert: moist lemon bundt cake, lemon pudding, or peach cobbler.

Brewer's Notes

We went out of our way to make this as hazy as possible. Oats, rye malt, and peach puree were added to improve the haze potential of this beer. Dry hops were added at the start of fermentation to biotransform and fix specific hop aroma compounds into the beer. The result is fruity, refreshing and delicious!

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